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Disclaimer- I can not guarantee that people who patronize these establishments won't have allergic reactions, nor do I accept any liability or responsibility for adverse effects.I just post the restaurant allergy-free claims. Some of these establishments are allergen free and others can accommodate food allergies. The phrase gluten-friendly implies they can provide gluten free items, but the facility is not gluten free. In terms of kosher reliability, I'm not a mashgiach. Always check the current kashruth certificate before purchasing. Policies and ingredients may change. Be cautious and ask before you eat

Directory- Kosher Allergy Friendly Establishments

Los Angeles- Basil and Berry (have gluten free pizza and some vegan items)pas yisroel, yoshon, cholov yisrael RCC supervision
Los Angeles- Breakaway Bagel(products are made in a dedicated kitchen. and are free of: 
Breakaway BakeryGluten/Wheat, Dairy/ Casein, Peanuts, Soy*,Treenuts*, and Gums). Shipping available.Kehilla Kosher

Miami- Mmmcupcakes (vegan, pareve, gluten free cupcakes available)KDM- non cholov yisrael, Miami Vaad Hakashrus.
Miami Beach- Bitecakes (specialty baked goods nutfree, dairy free, sugar free and gluten) KM supervision. Pas Yisroel, Yoshon. 
Sarasota- Mattison's Kosher Catering (kosher gluten free)- Lubavitch, R' Steinmetz

Atlanta- Chai Peking (kosher Chinese- can make most items gluten free, have wheatfree soysauce)AKC
Sandy Springs-  Fuego Mundo (Gluten free South American Grill)- AKC certification

EvanstonZ-Best Bakery (vegan and nutfree) 847-563-8501- CRC supervision

New Orleans- Casablanca Restaurant  (Gourmet Moroccan- can accommodate gluten free meals)-LKC
R' Yossie Nemes

Baltimore- Mama Leah's- (Pizza shop that is gluten free friendly- offers 10" gluten free pizzas)-Star-K
Baltimore- Goldman's Kosher Bakery (peanut free, has online bakery as well)- Star-K
Baltimore- Rosendorff Challah (premises are nutfree) 410-318-8840
Baltimore-The Pearlstone Retreat (offers menu options that can be tailored as Nut-Free and Gluten-Free to accommodate specific groups) *Pearlstone On Passover all food prepared in the kitchen is Nut-Free. Star-K. 
Potomac- Breadsmith Bakery (peanut and tree nut free)- Vaad of Greater Washington
Towson- Goucher College Kosher Dining (nut-free, gluten-free menu options)- Star-K 

Newton- Blacker's Bakeshop (nut free, dairy free)-New England Kashruth Lemehadrin-Rabbi Aaron Hamoui
Norton- Tova's catering inc. They can  make special menu adjustments for vegetarians/vegans, food allergies, and dietary restrictions.  Glatt Kosher and VAAD certified. 

New Jersey
Teaneck- Butterflake Bakery (delicious nutfree kosher bakery, have pareve items as well, and they ship)
kosher supervision by RCBC

New York
Brooklyn-Natural Village Cafe - (Organic Cuisine, can accommodate special diets like Celiac)Vaad Harabonim Flatbush.
Brooklyn- NuCafe47-  (American, Pizza, Sushi, has gluten free gourmet items)Rabbi Yisroel P. Gornish /Cholov Yisroel / Pas Yisroel / Bishul Yisroel .
Brooklyn- Orchidea (DeliveryGluten-Free FriendlyVegan Friendly, Romantic) Rabbi Amrom Roth, Kosher L' Mehadrin
Brooklyn- T-Fusion Steakhouse (can accomodate a variety of special diet requests)Rabbi Yisroel P. Gornish, Glatt Kosher. 
Manhattan- Eleni's New York (peanut and tree nut free bakery)OU-D
Manhattan- Mike's Bistro (upscale, Gluten-Free Friendly, contemporary, gourmet) Glatt, OU.

West Hempstead- Bagletown (Nut and Sesame free Parve Bagel and Pastry and Custom ordered cakes) VHQ Certified Kosher. Chalov Yisroel. (516) 505-5556

Lancaster- Franklin and Marshall College Kosher Dining- Every dining location on campus offers vegetarian,vegan and gluten-free options. If you wish to speak to a manager regarding dietary needs(717) 291-4200.  Star-K
Waynesboro- Capital Camps and Capital Retreat Center (Completely Nut-Free , Gluten-Free options, very accommodating). Both are Star-K

Toronto- Isaac's Bakery and Cafe (nutfree restaurant/cafe, bakery, catering) 416-789-7587. COR kosher supervision- yoshon available

Do you know of a food allergy friendly restaurant or bakery that's not listed?
let me know

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